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Fishing Real Estate
If  fishing is your passion, buying fishing real estate next to Lake San Antonio Ca  is the ultimate choice.  There are two lakes in the Paso Robles fishing area. Lake San Antonio and Lake Nacimiemento are both a fisherman's Fishing at Lake Nacimiento & San Antonio  Real Estate With Son - How Much Fun Can You Have?paradise.  Don't you deserve it?

Your one acre estate is within walking distance to Lake San Antonio, a pristine low traffic lake with year around family fun. The first of two boat  ramps is a mere five minutes from your one acre estate. You are also about 20 minutes from the entrance to Lake Nacimiento, another wonderful Paso Robles area fishing destination. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to have a piece of paradise for that vacation or retirement home you’ve always wanted.

Contact us today at (805) 472-2033 Ext. 211 and cash in on the lowest real estate prices in many years. Lake San Antonio and Lake Nacimiento provide spectacular fishing opportunities. They are a perfect choice for your next fishing adventure.
San Antonio Fish Species Present and Lake Records:
The following is from Dennis' Fishing Page: "Largemouth Bass 9lbs 14oz. Smallmouth Bass 4lbs 10oz. Spotted Bass 5lbs 3oz. White Bass 4lbs 2oz. Crappie 3lbs 8oz. Channel Catfish 20lbs 2oz. Blue and White Catfish 19lbs 10oz. Bluegill 1lb 12oz. Redear Sunfish 2lbs 4oz. Other fish present are, European Carp and Threadfin Shad. Striper fishing at San Antonio is like the song, when you're hot you're hot and when you're not you're not. Stripers here are big, with the lake record at 36lbs 4oz. The average striper will weigh about 15lbs. During the summer, casting into boiling surface feeding stripers is a guaranteed hook-up. You should always keep a rod ready, with a Zara Spook tied on, just in case a boil erupts in front of you. If you don't, the boil will be gone before you have a chance to tie on that topwater bait. Trolling is a popular method of fishing for stripers, both shallow and deep with downriggers, depending on the feeding pattern. Casting into the shoreline, in shallow water with topwater baits like Zara Spooks can also be productive. This works best in early morning and late evening hours. Another good method is to catch some live shad and flyline a live bait with a #6 lightwire hook and a splitshot. Shad can be dipped early in the morning, from the docks at the marina. Popular striper lures here are, Zara Spooks, 1 to 2oz White Hair Raisers, Big Macs, AC Plugs, and Hopkins Spoons. Good striper hang-outs are, around the marina, Three Fingers Cove, The Chalk Cliffs, and The Dam.

Largemouth bass average 2lbs here at San Antonio, with the record at 9lbs 4oz. The spring, early summer and fall are prime largemouth times. All the usual plastics and jigs work well here, with main lake points holding lots of fish. The south shore, from Harris Creek to the dam is good largemouth territory. Shad colored crankbaits account for good catches and topwaters are productive early and late. One good rule to remember here is, fish shallow early and move out to deeper water as to day progresses.

Catfish bite good from March thru November. The usual baits are, cut mackerel, anchovies, nightcrawlers, and live or fresh dead shad. Waterdogs work good to entice the bigger cats to bite. There are channel cats and blue cats here. They average a respectable 10lbs, with the lake record at 25lbs even. The last cove to the right of the dam, Bee Rock Cove, and the Shallows are top producers of catfish. Night fishing is allowed at San Antonio and many catfishermen will take advantage of the night fishing opportunity.

Crappie fishing here has been good for the past few years. Crappie here average 1 1/2lbs, with the record a 3lbs 8oz slab. The best crappie fishing occurs October thru June. 1/16oz white, or chartreuse crappie jigs work best here. Most good crappie fishermen here, will tip their jigs with a meal worm to increase their catch. Harris Creek, the marina, any of the boat docks, and any of the brushy coves, including the Shallows with all the stick-ups, are good crappie spots.

Redear and bluegill bite all year long. They can be found just about anywhere along the shore. Redear fishing use to be good here, but for some reason has really dropped off. Bluegill, however continue to be good bitters and can offer the kids and adults an enjoyable day. The usual baits are red worms, meal worms, and micro jigs. Try the Shallows. They feature lots of brush and stick-ups and are located at the north end of the lake."
 Nacimiento Fish Species Present and Lake Records:
Fishing Lake Nacimiento is fun. The following is also from Dennis' Fishing Page: "Largemouth Bass 9lbs 4oz. Smallmouth Bass 3lbs 14oz. Striped Bass 36lbs 4oz. Crappie 3lbs 8oz. Channel Catfish 25lbs. Bluegill 1lb 12oz. Also present are European Carp, Squawfish, Threadfin Shad, Redear Sunfish, and Giant Goldfish." When military training activities allow, Fort Hunter Liggett has 10 man-made ponds and reservoirs for fishing daily, including many weekdays, weekends and federal holidays, except Christmas day. Bass, bluegill, and catfish may be caught in Fort Hunter Liggett ponds and reservoirs. Minor fisherman may register when accompanied by an adult with photo identification. Fort Hunter Liggett Hunting & Fishing Monterey County Parks Department For Lake San Antonio Reservations (831) 755-4895