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Are You Ready to retire and buy down?

Most of us have lost net worth on paper in the past few years because of the drop in home prices. We think we are broke compared to where we were. But think Retirement Planningabout it. It's not how far your house has dropped but what the difference in price between the house you have now and the house you want. If you sell at a low price and buy at a low price you have lost almost nothing - it is the difference that counts. If you are retiring it doesn't much matter what happens to housing prices in the future. If you are retiring, you won't have to buy or sell again.

The solution:

Sell your home, buy a new home that is smaller and take the difference and invest it in a rental. Housing prices have fallen but rents are up. Your equity should be in a rental, not a personal residence. Do you really need as much room as you have now? Do you really want to maintain all that space you don't use?

This is a Great Time To Sell Your Home:

If you think you can't sell your home, think again. The market is not what it was a year ago. Click here for a recent Los Angeles Times Article showing how hard it is to buy a home because there is a shortage of homes for sale. This window of opportunity could close at any time and you could lose more equity by waiting.

Mortgage rates - a major opportunity:

With your experience, you know that most of what you pay for a home is interest on a mortgage. Mortgage rates have never been lower. That means they will only go up and that means you should buy now. 

It may not be obvious, but waiting to buy may very well make the rest of your life more expensive.

Act Now:

You've already waited for several years for a good financial opportunity. Click HERE to take the first step in securing a sound retirement strategy.

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